When Wendy needed her door locks replaced, she called a proven locksmith brand


This blog focuses on marketing on the internet. A lot of people think that marketing on the internet is a simple case of just taking out some ads, getting clicks and getting people to go to where they need to go. In the big scheme of things, this is absolutely correct, but there’s a lot of important details left out. You can’t look at the big picture of marketing and leave these out otherwise, you’re probably not going to get the results that you are looking for.

You have to understand that branding is crucial to any kind of online marketing success. Given how competitive it has become thanks to social media marketing, content marketing and every other type of highly segmented and specialized form of marketing, you need to focus on building a brand otherwise, you are just playing the game to lose.

Make no mistake about it, all sorts of products and services can be branded. In fact, something as basic and standard as locksmith services require a brand. You have to understand when people are locked out of their homes, cars or any other type of interior space, they really don’t have the luxury to roll the dice. They’re already stressed out and frazzled. They just want to resolve their situation smoothly, quickly and easily. They want to simply get from point A to point B with as minimal drama as possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make things harder on themselves because they just pick out a locksmith not based on any kind of brand persona or social media marketing credibility or authority. They’re completely blind to this. Instead, they just go online and pick a random service provider.

Well, let me tell you. Doing things that way is not much different from going on Tinder and just picking all the random members of the opposite sex there. It’s anybody’s guess what kind of results you’ll get. Chances are quite high that you probably will not be all that happy with your date.

The same applies to picking a locksmith. You can’t just focus on availability. Anybody can be available, but they may not have the right skills, tools or level of professionalism that would maximize your piece of mind. Remember, you’re already stressed out. You want to resolve this issue as quickly, smoothly and painlessly as possible. You can’t do that unless and until you deal with a proven locksmith brand.

Branding matters. It’s that important because when you go with a brand, you can at least expect a minimum level of quality. This is a minimum threshold of professionalism so you are not left out in the cold, not ripped off, the person who shows up doesn’t play any kind of game with you.

I found this out in the most vivid way possible when my wife, Wendy, needed our home’s door locks replaced. We were renting out the house to a tenant and the tenant left. As part of standard security procedures, we needed to get those door locks replaced as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the first few locksmiths we called were simply not up to the job. They showed up, they would fumble around and ultimately, it just took too much time. Thankfully, we didn’t have to pay them. Finally, Wendy checked social media and found a solid brand.

The bottom line is when Wendy needed her door locks replaced, she called a proven locksmith brand. When she did that, all her problems disappeared. It was quick, easy, smooth and affordable. If you need the kind of locksmith that will take care of the job right the first time around, you need to do what Wendy did.