What is the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for You?

Would you willingly pay every dollar of what is required to get the best vinyl for T-shirts that suit your needs and project?  When you gain more experience in the art of imprinting designs with the siser heat transfer vinyl, you will observe yourself acquiring more of them to complete your projects. Your heat transfer enterprise or T-shirt printing business will grow, and you will become more experienced in the art of imprinting designs using heat transfer.

Those that are interested in DIY projects of transferring designs onto fabrics and materials have unlimited offers for the best vinyl for T-shirts. If you are enjoying the art of imprinting heat transfer designs as a fun activity or if you are already a professional, you have good results with the best heat transfer vinyl. There is every possibility that you will get a vinyl bundle that will suit your budget.  It is important you are aware of the fact not all transfer paper or vinyl is fabricated equally. You will most definitely come across various option with different features and quality.

If you do not have any knowledge on what is needed for your project regarding a heat transfer vinyl, there is every chance that you will end with the wrong product that will not just frustrate you but also put your project at risk. To save yourself from any misery, we have invested time to review the heat transfer vinyl in the market. We provide you with a review of one of the best heat transfer vinyl in the market.

Siser EasyWeed Transfer 12 Color Starter Bundle

It is best we begin with the Siser EasyWeed Starter Kit that consists of a 12” x 15” heat transfer vinyl sheets. There are 12 popular colours you will get for the best heat transfer vinyl for T-shirts.

EasyWeed is ready to cut; it is fabricated from polyurethane. It is useful for imprinting designs on fabrics and other materials. Also, using EasyWeed, you can weed small letters effectively and at the same time intricate designs. The Siser EasyWeed is quite durable after several washed and it is very thin compared to other heat transfer vinyl in the market. The Easy Starter Kit is best for the creation of personalized labels on fabrics for work, or you want to apply names and numbers to player’s shirt on your team. The reason why this heat transfer vinyl is easy to weed, cut and heat is because it is thin. So if you are interested in creating a product of multiple layers of you will be applying just one colour, Siser EasyWeed is highly recommended. Siser EasyWeed works excellently with 100%polyester and 100% cotton, so also with cotton/poly blends. If you are an amateur in this art, the 12 colour start kit is a good option. Professionals, on the other hand, will see it as just a tool to complete assignments.

Highlighted Features:

  • It will not fade, lift or peel after multiple washes.
  • This pack comes with 12 colour varieties
  • The vinyl is very thin, making it easy to weed, heat and cut
  • Sensitive to pressure and heat, great for easy and quick design transfers
  • It is an excellent starter bundle
  • Suitable for 100% polyester cotton and cotton/poly