Western Rugs for the Home: Hidden Gems for Decorating

Just as we are defining our professional and personal brand, the first thing that we tend to place all of our focus on is our personal image, when I talk of personal image, I mean looks. This is most definitely because that is the first thing about you that anyone will notice, and everyone knows how well first impressions count. In addition, the looks are part and parcel of the brand, the décor – regardless of what helps in reflecting the nature of our feelings. It is essential that western rugs for the home are taken into some consideration whenever one is defining the professional and personal brand.

Western rugs have been studied to provide any room with warmth, and they tend to complete the western décor in place already. Ranging from jewel tones to earthy colours, these western style rugs and southwestern patterns were inspired by nothing other than native Americans designs, thus creating the necessary settings. It is important that you choose from vibrant colours and the western designs you need to pick from simple to tribal and rustic. There are different sizes, including runners for just about any design.

Western Home Decor Tips

I worked with a small company for some years, and I was offered a small cubicle to call my space. Initially, I paid little attention to the décor. It was somewhat messy –  there were documents everywhere, the corners of my monitors were filled with post-its, and the sad part is that there was nothing that represented me personally. The only thing that was serving me was my disorganization –  being guilty as charged. But was I ready to allow everyone at work to know about me?

Things became a lot more fortunate for me because the marketing department paid more attention to corporate image. This made then uncover how every move we made represented our company in the eyes of the vendors and clients. This helped me to realize what I served to everyone that paid a visit to my small cubicle, thus inspiring me to make a change. I got some idea from an interior décor account on Instagram, and I went ahead to purchase some books on designing on eBay, a stylish candy jar and a vase with faux flowers from Home Goods. I got my small cubicle reorganized, and I got redecorated with various stylish items. Everyone did not just love my modified space, but the director of marketing came around to congratulate on how attractive my table was; the marketing director mentioned that my area made more representation of harmony and happiness. Personally, the décor I chose made some difference.

Right after I decorated my space, whenever I stepped my foot into work, I felt nothing but peace and happiness. It is fascinating how a decorated area can inspire feelings of tranquillity and peace. I was very proud of my décor and was pleased. The beautiful thing about it is that it reflected my professional and personal brands. We spent most times at work, and there was nothing like making it home to the warm atmosphere we can call home.