Using GPS to Locate a Cell Phone Free

If you intend on tracking your mobile device, you can go about that using GPS to handy orten kostenlos. Most of the modern cellphones have a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) chip incorporated in them, thus allowing the device to communicate behind the scenes its coordinates. Android, iPhones, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile users can employ GPS for locating their cell phone. In order for the service or program to work, the carrier must enable the GPS of the cell phone.

Carrier-Based GPS Tracking

United States carriers offer location-based tracking for their mobile device. Top providers, including Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T offer GPS tracking for companies and families. The location of the phone is frequently updated with the carrier and it is relayed on an interactive map to the mobile account holder. The carriers are inventing a social network-tracking feature that will allow your friends see where you are.

The Legality of Tracking Strangers

Employing GPS for locating a cell phone is illegal and it invades privacy. Legal exceptions exist, in the sense that parents or guardians can track their children or ward’s whereabouts and employers, on the other hand, can make use of GPS to track the whereabouts of their employees. It is illegal to act to have a tracking software installed on someone’s phone without informing the person. Furthermore, if you are stalking someone by using a GPS, it is important you know that it is a punishable offense by state and federal laws. This is among the reasons why carriers have the chip blocked just so it cannot be accessed by third parties. Carriers, on the other hand, can have you tracked using their internal signal and GPS if necessary. For instance, in a kidnap case, the carrier work closely with the concerned authorities to disclose GPS data.

Finding Lost or Stolen Phones

The legality of anti-theft GPS programs or software has not yet be determined, nonetheless; users can still install applications that run in the background in which it can be enabled remotely, for example in the Apple iPhone. Regardless of the fact that these applications work in unique ways, they all work in a similar manner, in the sense that they can lock your device, send a text to a backup number with the coordinates of the device, destroy data on the Sim card or destroy the device memory.