Southwestern Rugs: A Look at the Different Styles

If perchance you have a Navajo or southwestern décor, you will find having the rugs as a good addition to your room. Southwestern rugs are excellent works of art and they are quite cheap and affordable. They are very flexible, in the sense that they match home decors. Below are five different styles of Southwestern Rugs that are somewhat popular.

Southwestern Spirit Rugs

Southwestern spirit area rugs use a variety of design and colors that are somewhat linked to the spirituality of the people. They are fashioned from Indian wool; however, they may vary depending on where you purchased the rug. The spiritual characters are inscribed all over the rug and they are presented in various forms and in varying patterns. The southwestern rugs are great to be incorporated in kitchens, large bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Southwestern Handmade Area Rugs

Handmade area rugs contain Southwestern designs, figures, and designs. They may incorporate subtle desert tones or perhaps vibrant bright colors, depending on the design. This choice of Southwestern rug is the ideal choice for use in a kitchen, porch, bedroom, living room rugs, sunroom or family room.

Mohair Rugs

Mohair is the traditional wool used for Southwestern rugs. These rugs are woven in a manner similar to the intricate ancient design of the past. These rugs are excellently detailed and they look great in a bathroom, bedroom or perhaps in front of a fireplace.

Modern Southwestern Rugs

Most of the modern southwestern rugs originate from the Albuquerque New Mexico area, where the Native American and Spanish histories are combined to bring about pretty wool area rugs that define Southwestern scenes. They are designed with a mi of soft earth tones but vibrant designs or colors are incorporated. They are the perfect choice for a rec room, trendy living room, sunroom or family room.

Navajo Rugs

Navajo designs are intricately and uniquely detailed work of art that derives its design from the ancient tradition of the Navajo tribe. The earth and rustic colors make them an ideal choice for a relaxing environment. In addition, they are the best choice for a cabin, a rustic atmosphere or a Navajo décor.