Some Key Tips in Promoting Yourself as The Diet Expert in your market

The global diet industry is a multibillion-dollar behemoth that continues to grow in size year after year. It’s very easy to see why this is the case. If you are a veteran of at least one diet, you know exactly how things play out. You get all excited about losing weight a certain way or by eating certain foods. You get so pumped up that you buy the book and you can’t wait to try it out. After you read the book, you go on a diet and guess what? You start losing weight.

You get really excited and as the weight continues to melt off until you hit a wall. Sooner or later, you hit some sort of impasse and you can’t lose anymore pounds after that point. If you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing, the weight starts coming back and before you know it, you’re back to where you started. Don’t feel too bad because this is exactly the case with most other people. Whether we’re talking about Americans, Western Europeans, Asians, this is the case.

No wonder there is a tremendous multibillion-dollar annual demand for anything and everything related to diets. Sounds good so far, right? If you come up with your own diet, things are not as easy as you think. Sure, there’s a tremendous global demand but if you don’t know your way around the internet, it wouldn’t really matter if people consider you The Diet Expert. You’ll still continue to struggle.

If you are looking to use social media to get free traffic to your diet book, please pay attention to the following tips. First, make sure all your social media accounts are graphically consistent. Regardless of whether people find you on Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus or Facebook, all your accounts look visually consistent enough so they continue to brand people you’re trying to market to.

Second, feel free to share third-party content. The key here is to pick the very best diet content written by other people. You may be thinking that when people click on these links they’re not going to your website. That’s a small price to pay because you are building credibility. Once people get it in their heads that you are trustworthy as far as topnotch weight loss information is concerned, they will pay more attention to the original content you share which promotes your own book.

Finally, social media marketing is a marathon. It is never a sprint. If you are looking for some quick sales using social media, forget it. It’s just not going to happen. To succeed with social media marketing, you have to work on building a brand. If you want to brand yourself as the diet expert, you have to play the long game. This means that you’re going to have to set up your social media accounts to keep publishing content over the long haul so you can build yourself a solid trustworthy brand. You need to interlink them so wherever people find themselves on social media, they can readily access your brand.