Promoting solar products online through solar pool heater reviews

If you have an online store producing or selling niche solar products configured for optimal water heating, you might think that you have a tremendous marketing advantage. After all, you are focused on a particular segment of the greater solar market. You probably have done quite a bit of market research. You probably already know that the solar market in the United States and Western Europe is a multibillion-dollar annual industry.

This is all well and good but the problem is unless you know how to market such a niche or highly segmented products online, you probably are not going to make that much money. Unfortunately, this is exactly the case with the run-of-the-mill niche solar products online store. The memo that they are missing out on involves the power of review marketing. Put simply, if you are pushing solar-powered pool heating devices and assemblies, you should look into using solar pool heater reviews to push your merchandise.

You probably have come across online reviews before. Maybe you were on TripAdvisor looking for hotels in the city in Thailand you’re visiting. Maybe you are looking for the cheapest tickets and are checking out reviews of these different online ticket platforms.

Reviews are very powerful because they organize the kind of questions and inquiry people have when trying to make a buying decision. People are more likely to buy after reading a review than reading an ad. When people read a review, their guard is down. That’s the bottom line. For example, if you are selling a solar pool heater, it’s a good idea to present that information in the form of solar pool heater reviews.

When people see your ad, they know they’re being marketed to. They know that you want something out of them. You’re just trying to get a sale. However, if you present the same information in the objective form of solar pool heater reviews, they are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt. They reduce their level of skepticism to a healthier level and you are more likely to make an impact.

How come? Great solar product reviews focus on breaking down the features of any solar equipment in the form of features which deliver benefits. This is crucial. People normally don’t buy based on features. In fact, most people couldn’t care less. Bad solar pool heater reviews just rattle off a laundry list of features with catchy names. Totally unpersuasive.

Instead, high performing reviews link product features with specific everyday benefits. People are looking for benefits like peace of mind, comfort, and ease. They couldn’t care less about feature-based hype. See the difference?

Always understand this because this is the biggest challenge to promoting any kind of niche product. You have to overcome that initial skepticism and suspicion. Most of the time, it really all boils down to how you approach the prospect. Do you come at them upfront through a typical and traditional ad or do you use the backdoor? That’s right. By using reviews and review-like formats, you are more likely to open and close a sale.