Key marketing tips on promoting injection molding services at Romeo Rim

Industrial services like the kind of injection molding custom manufacturing available at Romeo Rim present key marketing challenges. Precision injection molding is not exactly a very common service that you would see hyped by billboards or bus benches. In fact, for many marketing professionals, pushing industrial services is totally alien or incomprehensible. This doesn’t have to be the case.

First, the custom processes offered at Romeo Rim actually appeal to a very large market. There are many manufacturers in the United States and elsewhere who would like to outsource key parts of their system to specialized service providers or contract manufacturers. Companies like Romeo Rim readily step up to the plate because they have the expertise and equipment the client needs to produce high quality products that meet industry standards. Not all custom manufacturers are able to do this.

It follow that if your ad materials are going to be singing the praises of custom manufacturing support or service providers, you need to highlight experience, equipment, rapid delivery, and custom services. Simply harping on the fact that a company does custom manufacturing batch jobs is simply not going to cut it. Seriously. Why? There are many other players out there. The issue is not availability but excellence. Devote a lot of your ad’s firepower to this.

Second, highlight what custom manufacturing expertise or ‘special ingredient’ your client has. If the client uses high precision, high volume injection molding equipment, focus on that. Now, the key is to position these to speak to the customers’ specific small batch manufacturing needs. For example, at Romeo Rim, they work with customers’ engineers from prototyping to large batch outputs. This is a big deal because usually similar providers don’t do things this way. Maybe they are expecting the client to already have a prototype or maybe they assume their own designers and engineers can work off the client’s blueprints.

By emphasizing industrial clients’ fairly unique or distinctive production processes, your client’s brand has a chance of distinguishing itself. Given the tough competition out there, there really is no room for also rans. You can’t market your custom injection molding manufacturing client as yet another provider of this service. You have to present the client’s services as a total package. This bundled approach removes any ‘one trick pony’ suspicions.

Finally, it pays off tremendously to highlight the manufacturing philosophy of your client. While your client might seem like another provider of long fiber technology and injection molding manufacturing services within a contract manufacturing context, your client’s brand values can go a long way in getting some sunlight between it and the many rabid competitors (both local and global) out to eat its lunch. Ad campaigns that focus on precision and custom designs really all lead to the same place. They all bring home the kind of message most end users of custom manufacturing support services want to hear: peace of mind. Since manufacturing can be a very confusing and hectic affair, all sorts of things can go wrong. Going with a brand value-based messaging strategy can go a long way in transforming your client from yet another provider of plastic composites services to a truly distinctive industry player.