How to Market A Gazebo Tent on Instagra

If you market outdoor gear items ranging from gazebo tent models to online barbeque systems, do not overlook Instagram. Instagram has become the hottest online marketing platform precisely because of its viral spread. People can’t get enough of Instagram. I’ve personally seen people spend hours scrolling through pictures and hundreds of hashtags on Instagram. To say that this picture sharing mobile-based social media platform is addictive would be to put it lightly. There are a lot of people making bank on Instagram because people can’t enough of this platform.

If you are selling outdoor gear, you need to tap into the marketing potential of this platform. For example, if you are selling a gazebo tent, don’t just post the brand or the logo. That’s not going to attract people. That’s not going to excite your potential audience. In fact, if you just post the basics, people won’t pay much attention to your photo. Why? You’re showing them stuff they have seen millions of times before. If you are selling a canopy from a certain manufacturer, chances are prospective buyers have seen the logo or any other branding graphic of that manufacturer online. When you show them stuff that is similar (or exactly alike) to the stuff they have seen before, you are not really breaking any ground with them. In fact, they might just end up buying from the manufacturer or main distributor directly. You need to do something else. You need to think outside the box.

Instead, you should focus on people using the product you are promoting. In other words, when promoting a gazebo tent, show actual flesh-and-blood human beings interacting with the product. This is called social proof. Show them out and about with the tent in the background. Show them eating within the comfortable cover of the gazebo. You might even show people at the beach with their unit. There are just so many ways you can present the product. The key is to highlight the many practical uses and contexts of the product. Avoid the temptation to just dump pictures and call it a day.

Proper Instagram positioning is crucial. How do you this? Pay attention to how other marketers on IG promote pop up canopies, gazebos, and other products similar or the same to the stuff you’re pushing. Do certain patterns jump out at you? Do you see certain design variations? Do you see how they push social proof?
By reverse engineering your competitors, you get a headstart in how to promote your product. However, to truly leverage Instagram’s traffic potential, you need to constantly innovate your pictures’ composition to maximize viewer interaction and enhance your materials’ social media appeal.

You have to understand when people look at a product being used on Instagram, they automatically picture themselves interacting with the product. This increases the likelihood that people would become curious enough to check your main profile and then possibly click from that page to your online catalog. That’s how you play the game on Instagram. It’s all about making the content work for you and it also involves a tremendous amount of social proof.