How can online marketing ensure you change your filter often?

Tuttoziende’s online marketing resources often focus on helping marketers push products. However, the tips and tricks we share also help service providers call their customers to action.

HVAC service providers especially have a tough time changing minds and convincing consumers to do proper maintenance checks. Oftentimes, homeowners, business owners, or premises managers only take action on their heating, ventilation, or AC systems when they’re a day late and a buck short. Put simply, they wait so long that what would have been a routine maintenance service call can easily become quite an expensive contractor visit.

 If you are trying to help ventilation service providers market their services more effectively, you have to work with them regarding the proper content. Use this content to reach people who are looking for certain solutions or who have certain needs. These materials should ask key questions like why you should change your filter often or why you would need a professional service provider.
Question-based content is crucial to marketing services using content marketing. After all, people spot, deal with, and act on problems using questions. Most people don’t think in theoretical terms. Instead, they focus on the here and now in the form of questions. By laying out practical home heating, ventilation, and AC issues in a series of questions, consumers can quickly get to the meat and potatoes of the problem. This doesn’t only help cosnumers save a lot of their precious time, this question-based approach enables marketers to position their HVAC clients for maximum impact.

How come?
By phrasing a prospective customers’ needs in questions, these materials are easy for busy people to scan. These question packages also quickly establish your client service provider’s credibility and authority. By presenting the prospect’s problems in a short, compact, and easy to understand plain English package, you give your client a chance to shine with quick, short, high impact answers.
Don’t just focus on the format of your answers though. While it is important to give short, snappy answers that don’t beat around the bush, you still have to say enough for your customer to look like a million bucks. This is not always easy.

HVAC solution ‘packets’ to the rescue

Thankfully, when people think about problems, they don’t just focus on one very specific issue-ie., dust is coming out of a furnace filter. Instead, they also would like to know the impact or consequence of the problem. This is why you should package your answers in terms of The Journalist’s 5 Ws: who,what, where, when and why. People are familiar with this format. In fact, they actively seek it out.
By presenting your client’s answers in a short, easy to spot, easy to scan, and easy to process plain english package, your content enables consumers to quickly go from searching for a problem diagnosis to picking out a credible local provider who is qualified to handle the problem. Since you impressed them a lot with your initial content, who do you think they would be more likely to take chances with?

Work that trust progression. This is the key to effective service provider content marketing.