Free Logo Maker – Can You Actually Get One for Free?

I am sure that you have heard the popular axiom which states that nothing is free in this world. Although this is true in most cases, when it comes to the design of a logo, there is an exception. Nevertheless, the question you should be asking is that the websites that claim to provide free logos; do they keep these promises and offer a logo at no cost? You don’t have to spend money on designing a logo if you possess the requisite knowledge and creativity of branding. In this case, all that is required of you is to have a website that will allow you 100 free logo design and download so you can create a logo at no cost.

Let me reveal a secret to you, there are loads of sites that will give you the chance to create an account at no cost and at the same time enable you to create your logo design to enable you to boost your business profile across the globe. After you have logged in, you will see numerous tools that will offer you the chance to create the logo that corresponds to your brand identity. The activities that are expected of you is to choose your logotype, input your tagline and business name, select your font style and desired colors and simply click on the “Create My Logo” button and it will show your logo automatically. This will reveal the logo to you and send the files via email for download.

Now, it looks so simple and easy. So, is it really simple and free like this? Or, is there anything else I need to know?

In this article, we will show you what usually happens after you get your logo. You log into your email and get the files. After getting the files, you will discover that the logo you have designed has a watermark and it promotes the websites you utilized for the design of your logo. Now, the true fact is that no one would like to use a logo that comes with a watermark that promotes other sites.

In order to eliminate it and personally own the logo, what is required of you is to register for their premium package, which comes at an additional cost. The price that is charged for their premium services silly come at the same price rate as the charges of a professional logo design company. In addition, the benefit of hiring a logo design company is that you will receive a customized and unique logo. Also, you won’t have to utilize your limited design knowledge and creativity. Their designers will perform this task with style and perfection. So, the best thing to do is to discard the logo that that has been delivered to you from the websites claiming to offer free logos.

Even though you can discard these logos and delete these site but it may surprise you that these sites will still keep you in their database. Remember that you registered via your email. They will use this mail to send your promotional info. Or, they might even sell your data and make money off it. You can then imagine the loads of junk emails that will enter into your inbox.