Buy Spotify Plays: The Best Ways to Market Your Music for Extra Plays

You have made an excellent playlist and you are very excited about it! But you would like other music lovers to sample it, right? Luckily, there are a lot of ways to organically get additional Spotify play list when you buy Spotify plays. Here’s how:

  1. Strategize your campaign

The most effective and efficient way to earn new listeners and followers is to put your playlists online as much as you can while you continue to take inspiration from what is trending on social media. Put a strategy in place on how you will campaign and plug your playlist beforehand and try many ways to get new fans.

The follow-for-follow procedure is one avenue to connect with other curators while checking that your playlist plans have not been used as well, however, there are a lot more options to attempt.

  1. Advertise it to your personal network

In the same manner, social media users grow their followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, aim to buy Spotify plays and make your playlist popular in the midst of Spotify users. A fast way to achieve this is to employ basic promotional tools such as sponsored posts to connect with your social media network. Your playlist could be advertised personally as well. Contact your independent shops, local venues, cafes, and bars and ask them to shuffle it.

  1. Spotify Playlist Exchange

Join the Spotify Arena! Login via your Spotify username/password and then post your playlist to the Spotify Playlist Exchange alongside a small description informing the remaining users of the genre, why it was created and whether you will keep updating it or not. Don’t forget to tag related genres in the event that users look for certain music via the playlist exchange. You could also rate playlists from other curators, make comments on their posts while also attaching your playlist and prompt them to follow it.