Buy Lol Accounts: A Look at Possible Risks

Similar to every other thing in life, there are risks involved when you buy lol accounts. This is among the reasons why websites that involve in the business of selling League of Legend accounts should make it necessary that the customers purchasing the accounts are free of risk and make sure that the account offered are 100% guaranteed.

Most websites that are in the business of selling league of Legends account do not in any way offer guarantees against Riots clause, most especially in the terms of use forbidding sale, transfer etc. of accounts. Below are some of the major risks involved in purchasing unranked League of legends account and the means with which you as a customer or perhaps user can have it minimized:

Someone could claim back the account:

This is a major problem common with unreliable auction websites, most especially sites that sell League of Legends accounts. The moment that you purchase the account and they receive the funds, they are quick to change the registered email password of the account. Just as you are not the owner of the account, you will lose your money and you are not guaranteed any comeback.

Account name looking like a bot:

This is another issue that is experienced with sites where you can buy lol accounts. To some extent, it is obvious that these accounts are nothing but bots and those names will get you banned by the moderators. In addition, there is no doubt to the fact that high-end websites offer 100% account guarantee. Ensure that the account you want to purchase is not bot named or perhaps the site you intend on visiting does not offer bot named account just so you do not lose your money.

No IP to buy Runes or Champions:

This is a straightforward risk to take – buying a level 30 account to play ranked games but with no IP to purchase champions! Thus, you will end up wasting time farming for IP in order to unlock the 16 champions that are required for playing ranked games. In some cases, some sellers have sold and are still selling lol accounts with no IP at all.