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We believe first in leadership even before strategic planning. If we do not lead our team in the right way and on the right direction, we end up only with futile outputs. This is applicable to any business. Recognizing this, our consultants first focus on leading your HR department towards your business goals and then plan on how to recruit, train, and support the new employees. Here, leading means making them focused on the goals and then brainstorming on the latter ‘how-to’ part after taking their views in one go.

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How to take care of your favorite Rose Sex Toy?

The Rose Sex toy has caught fire on all social media platforms and for all the right reasons. This cute toy is not only an amazing clit-sucker but is also very aesthetically designed to please its audience. If you’ve been anywhere on the internet, you’d have surely come across this beauty.

Because of its viral popularity, several thousand women across the globe have bought the rose sex toy. Thanks to its ease of use, the rose vibrator has also won the hearts of many first-time users. However, not many know how to properly take care of their rose vibes. In this article, I will guide you through the basic maintenance of this cute sex toy so that you can keep her around for longer!

For the uninitiated… what’s this Rose Vibrator, and how to use it?

The rose vibrator or the rose sex toy is a rechargeable suction-based vibrator in the shape of a beautiful rose. It produces periodic air puffs that envelop and tickle the clit. The rotating airflow stimulates the clitoris producing an intense sensation that feels like rhythmic tapping or internal vibration on your private parts.

It’s a given that you should wash your sex toy to keep it hygienic. But do you know how to clean your rose vibrator without damaging it?

Here are a few of our maintenance tips that will help you increase the longevity of your beloved toy:

1. Know the material of the toy.

Rose vibrators are produced by more than one brand, so you’ll find a whole buffet of options regarding the body material. Each of these materials has its form of maintenance. For instance, a sucking vibrator made from latex or jelly rubber will be porous, making them more susceptible to microbial growth. You must clean it properly with warm water and a gentle amount of mild soap.

On the other hand, a rose sex toy made from non-porous materials like hard plastic or glass can be cleaned with water and tougher soaps.

A rose vibrator made from medical-grade silicone is the safest bet as the chances of infection is very low, and it doesn’t compromise on the feel of the toy. Furthermore, it’s pretty sturdy and 100% waterproof. But that does not allow you to dunk it in boiling water as the heat might damage the internal circuitry.

2. Always wash it before and especially after use.

You will have to wash your toy after use to get rid of the nutritious body fluids (nutritious for microbes!). However, also pay attention to washing the rose sex toy before usage. Even though washing properly before use might seem like a hassle, especially when you want to use it “in the heat”, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Also, do NOT use rubbing alcohol on your rose toys unless explicitly mentioned in the manual. Alcohol tends to degrade most sex toys and must be avoided.

3. Blow dry the toy or pat it dry with a clean towel.

Don’t just leave it to dry in the open. This way, you not only increase the chances of air-borne contamination but might also leave moisture in between the nooks and crannies, causing fungal growth in those spots.

Hence it is always safer to blow-dry the rose sex toy or pat it dry with a clean, hygienic towel.

4. Store it in a dry, hygienic environment.

Keeping your sex toys inside a damp drawer is never a good idea. Try to keep it in a place with enough air circulation and away from direct sunlight. If your rose vibrator is made of silicon, make sure it isn’t in direct contact with other silicone toys as that might damage both the products.

I’d suggest you cover the rose sex toy in a silk or satin bag. Silk and satin are smooth so that they won’t scratch your toy. Plus, they’re highly breathable, ensuring plenty of air circulation.

 Our Verdict

There are no words to describe how unique the rose vibrator from twicetonight.com is, especially if you love quick repetitive orgasms in a short time. You might not even have enough time to collect your thoughts before you’re back having your next orgasm. The rose sex toy will take you on a ride to heaven and back and then heaven again in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind that not all toys are for everyone. You might be amongst the subset of women who didn’t find suction toys too appeasing, but that shouldn’t shy you away from trying this one. Whatever your case, I’d still recommend you give this a try and see for yourself.

Just follow my guide and the simple tips to ensure your rose vibrator lasts as long as any other sex toy, and you’ll only be thanking me for the same.